What’s the difference between travel insurance and travel assistance?

Two concepts become relevant when are planning a trip. These are travel assistance and travel insurance. Understanding the difference between them is essential to securely leave for the desired destination, having the best protection for our traveler’s trip.

Since the inconveniences of traveling can happen at any time, we’ll refresh the information on this subject, so that your customers have no doubt on these type of services.

What is a travel insurance?

When referring to travel insurance, reference is made to the insurance policy that is acquired prior to the trip. This is intended to offer refund for cancellation or interruption of the trip due to unforeseen illness of the policyholder or a family member, or other reasons depending on the chosen plan, It also may include emergency medical coverage in case of accident, health problems or other inconveniences such as loss or baggage delay.

The main aspect of travel insurance, unlike assistance, is that it acts after the unexpected situation arises; that is, the money invested in the trip is recovered, which the insurance company reimburses to the policyholder or the authorized beneficiary, according to the acquired plan.

What is a travel assistance?

Travel assistance, unlike insurance, protects the welfare of the traveler with service that assists 24 hours a day to any inconvenience that may arise from unforeseen events. Here the assistance service is provided at the time of the emergency occurs, not later.

This makes an assistance service more important and convenient, since the service is immediate, no matter when or where it is needed. In addition, not only special attention will be available, but also and in some cases, legal advice and other key services such as transfers, medical evacuations, house call doctors and nurses and hospitalizations, among others.

The traveler's uncertainty to choose between these two options, can can lead to the question: what is more convenient? QTAssist considers that this depends on each traveler and the particular characteristics of the trip to be made. Usually, insurance companies include assistance coverage in their travel protection policies; however, in some cases the traveler only requires travel assistance.

Therefore it is essential to advise your client at the timely manner that they can choose the best option to travel safely and with peace of mind.

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