QTAssist is aligned as a strategic partner with its clients, Travel Assistance companies, Insurance Companies, Third Party Administrators (T.P.A’s), Reinsurance Companies, etc., to support them in achieving their goals, providing quality medical services, controlling costs, optimizing resources and providing comprehensive quality personalized assistance.

  • HouseCall visits
  • Emergency Medical Assistance in hospitals, clinics and affiliated medical centers / Shift programming
  • Emergency Dental Assistance in affiliated centers
  • Medical devices supply (wheelchairs, crutches, nebulizers, etc.)
  • Appointments coordination with specialists (orthopedics, ophthalmology, surgery, etc.)
  • Diagnostic imaging and Laboratories in specialized centers and / or at home
  • In-flight nurses / Medical escorts
  • Repatriations

For companies that do not have a representative in the US market, we are glad to provide services such as:

  • Management Case Handler
  • Billing and Invoice Management
  • Local representation
  • Specialized advisory
For bill payments with a corporate credit card

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Our services in the health industry and traveler assistance are specially oriented to the following groups of companies:

Travel Insurance Companies
& Travel Assistance Companies