We provide a combination of guaranteed quality service and optimal cost control. QTAssist represents some of the best-known brands in the travel insurance and assistance industry in America.

Atención Especializada

Specialized Care

QTAssist's specialized care includes assistance services, diagnostics, therapeutic treatments and specialized care that guarantee comprehensive patient care once the emergency has been overcome. This assistance is provided through different resources and modalities such as:

  • Specialized outpatient assistance (consultations in hospital, specialty medical centers and specialists transfers to health centers).
  • Call center 24/7
  • Specialized doctors in house-call visits
  • All type of specialists
  • Medical escorts
  • Local coordinators


Within the regional network of service providers in The Americas, QTAssist has the safest and most efficient specialized transportation companies, applying local protocols for patient transfers, both for ambulatory and emergency services.

  • Ambulance companies
  • Taxi and private transportation companies
  • Medical evacuation and repatriation companies
  • In-flight nurses and medical escorts


By having a wide network of medical services in the region, as well as professionals and specialists in medical and dental health, QTAssist manage and coordinates efficiently and rationally processes with hospital and diagnostic resources available.

  • Hospitals and clinics
  • Specialized dental services
  • Laboratories
  • Funeral services
Hotelería y Conserjería

Hospitality & Concierge Services

QTAssist also has a complete group of local and regional companies specializing in hotel reservations and travel concierge.

  • Hotel reservations for the policy holder, due to convalescence
  • Lodging arrangements for relatives of the policy holder during his/her convalescence
  • Logistical coordination for early returns due to serious disaster at home
  • Comprehensive Travel Agency Service
  • Advice for claiming a difference in the air fare due to late or early return

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