What is celebrated on Thanksgiving

In the United States and Canada, families gather around a turkey on the fourth Thursday of November to celebrate Thanksgiving, which celebrates last year's harvest and other blessings.

Its origin dates back to the history of the first settlers who came to the United States from England and it’s correlated with the autumn harvests. As tradition says, a group of settlers from Plymouth, the current state of Massachusetts, in the early 1920s; decided to celebrate the good autumn harvest together with the Wampanoag Indians, in order to show their gratitude for having taught them the techniques of growing corn and hunting.

This celebration lasted over time and each year was celebrated in more colonies and American states. In 1817, the state of New York adopted the fourth Thursday in November as a national holiday, and finally, in 1863, President Abraham Lincoln proclaimed it as a non-working day throughout the country.

How is this party celebrated?

Although the way to celebrate this holiday has changed over the years, the main origin, which still remains intact, is to share blessings with the family and closest loved ones. On Thanksgiving, it is common to get together at the home of the oldest relative, usually the grandparents.

In order to continue with the tradition, the foods served have a lot to do with those served on the first Thanksgiving of settlers and indigenous people: turkey, corn, pumpkins, and cranberry sauce.

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