We’ll show you the benefits of the concierge service in your travel insurance through a real story

Many times, when traveling, small inconveniences appear at the last minute due to lack of planning or, simply for leaving some details unsolved. So it may happen, for example, issues such as the language or arrival time of our flight make us uncertain regarding how to move or what transport to use.

Today, from our blog, we’ll show you in detail, real experiences of travelers who received, through their travel insurance, the help needed to resolve their issues while visiting a foreign country.

Assistance in transportation during a trip

QTAssist considers that providing logistical support in travels is as important as medical assistance in health emergencies. For a traveler is essential to be able to move safely in an unknown country. This isn’t for their tranquility, but also impacts the quality of the trip on the end.

This is how, on occasions, specific needs are presented for the traveler, and its essential to attend them as soon as possible. This contributes to provide assistance coverage, and, especially, lay the foundations for a safe and relaxing trip.

This one time, assistance was provided for two travelers from Hamburg, Germany, who were bound to Cozumel Island, off the coast of Playa del Carmen in Mexico. When they arrived in the city for the first time and found themselves at the airport late at night, they had a very frequent problem: to move safely to the hotel with a different language to their own.

The travelers, foreseeing these inconveniences, asked their travel insurance company for the necessary support, so through QTAssist, their provider in the area, they coordinated a taxi to wait and take them from the Cancun International Airport to their hotel. Then the next morning, another taxi would fetch them again and take them to Playa del Carmen and once there, take the Ferry for a 40 minute journey that would leave them in Cozumel to begin their longed for vacations.

QTAssist together with its group of local collaborators was able to organize on time and accurately the transfer, fulfilling all the requested requirements.

Cases like this reflect the importance of having a Travel Assistance or Travel Insurance coverage, which includes the Concierge service, a personalized and highly promoted service to meet the specific needs of customers. Thanks to this and the participation and experience of QTAssist, it was possible to provide these travelers with complete coverage, encouraging a safer and more peaceful trip.

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