¿ReQTAssist network providers: a full complement for travel assistance insurance

When making any trip abroad, it is always important to have comprehensive medical coverage, in case of any inconvenience that may occur. Because we know that as an insurance and / or travel assistance company, you are concerned about the well-being of each of your clients, today, in this article, we will tell you how our network of providers and their associated services works.

QTA provider network: what does it consist of?

If, for example, one of your clients should receive medical assistance, in a correct procedure, they must first contact you. Thus, from the company, they can advise you and tell you where to go to be treated. However, if they decide to go to the nearest center to be addressed and this is not included in the list of their company, your client when you are discharged will have the obligation to pay medical expenses related to care, to receive medical clearance.

In the event that your company cannot make the payment at that time for administrative and / or logistical reasons, when contracting the services of QTA, even though the institution does not integrate the network of providers of our company, the amount will be paid. In this way, we will contact the administration of the hospital center, in order to carry out the necessary procedures and that the patient can withdraw from the medical entity.

Then, in addition to communicating with assistance centers that are not in your booklet, to solve these problems, in QTA, we offer you a wide network of medical service providers throughout Latin America. This includes: sanatoriums, hospitals, clinics, diagnostic centers, home doctors, specialists network, etc.

A real case in Mexico as an example of the operation of the QTA provider network

The health complications that can happen during a trip abroad are varied. Let's see how QTA acted, before a specific case in the city of Mexicali. This city is the capital of the Mexican state of Baja California, located in northern Mexico, specifically, in the border area with the United States.

A German patient was walking there and had an accident, which broke his collarbone. In search of attention, she went to a zonal hospital, where she had to have an emergency surgery.

As a result of the postoperative period, she was hospitalized for a few days. Upon leaving the center, they gave her the medical report and also the bill for the services provided. But there was an inconvenience: her medical assistance could not take over and the patient could not leave the institution until the payment was made. What was the solution? Having hired the services of QTA, who went into action. The money transfer was made and the patient was able to leave the hospital without problems.

In summary, in addition to having its own network of providers, QTA can take charge and make contact with hospital centers that are not specified within its payroll. This, with the aim of guaranteeing your clients a trip with great tranquility and confidence in the event of contingencies.

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