Conozca la asistencia logística de QTAssist a través de un caso real en Colombia

When traveling, multiple health complications can happen. And the function, as an insurance and/or travel assistance company, is to provide trust and security to all its customers. Therefore, in this article, we are going to tell you what is the logistics assistance of QTAssist, through the presentation of a specific case happened in Colombia, as a tourist destination.

A case solved with the logistics services of QTAssist in Bahía Solano

Colombia has a wide variety of beautiful tourist sites to visit. One of them is the area of Bahía Solano in the department of Chocó, located in the northwest of that country, on the north coast of the Pacific Ocean. This place is extremely attractive, because it is considered an ideal space for whale watching. The tropical temperature of 25 degrees is ideal to visit at any time of the year.

A foreign tourist was doing a nautical activity in this geographical area and suffers a hip injury, hitting hard against the stones. This situation prevents him from walking and even sitting. After the accident, the person was transferred to the local health center. There, they indicate that an RX should be performed to verify possible fractures. But neither the health center nor the area had diagnostic imaging centers.

Given this complicated situation, the urgent transfer of the patient to the city of Medellín was necessary; and then, to a zone hospital, already contacted by insurance.

How to save time and effort by hiring QTAssist services for this type of eventualities?

In the first instance, the patient's medical insurance company contacts one of our 24-hour operations centers. And they detail what is the problem to solve. In this case, the need to make an urgent transfer to the city of Medellin, where it could be diagnosed whether or not there was a hip fracture.

As a result, QTAssist is responsible for organizing the transfer of the patient from a remote site, such as Bahia Solano, by an ambulance and air ambulance. Already in the city of Medellín, a hired ambulance service would wait for her to take her to the hospital, where they would be waiting for her.

In short, in this context ... what is the best solution as an insurance and/or travel assistance company? Hire our services, which have a regional network of providers, with the safest and most efficient specialized transport companies, applying local protocols for patient transfers, both for outpatient and emergency care.

Finally, it is important to mention that from QTAssist, we carry out surveys of different care options and carry out assessments of varied budgets. All this, to guarantee the satisfaction of each one of the needs of our clients.

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