How to request travel assistance in case of an emergency

When traveling, unexpected events may occur at any time. Many of them are solved quickly, while others, like emergencies, require special and immediate attention.

That is why, if your client needs a travel assistance, it is essential that the procedure to be followed in case of emergency is clarified. Having knowledge of this can be decisive when it comes to issues associated with health.

How to proceed in case of emergency?

When a travel assistance is contracted through the purchase of a travel protection policy, there are some steps or actions to follow so that the emergency can be addressed quickly.

When the emergency arises, the policyholder must immediately communicate, by telephone, to the assistance center - usually a toll-free telephone number (1-800) or collect call for emergencies - which must appear in the master policy issued by the insurance and / or assistance company. Also, the service can be requested through the website of the company, or in some cases using the free-applications offered by these companies, as well as some credit cards that include travel assistance coverage within their benefits.

If the traveler is in a place where the collect call is not allowed, the cost of the call is paid and then the corresponding refund will be received. The same happens in cases of serious emergency where the person is not able to communicate. After receiving the necessary medical attention the traveler must inform the assistance center of the insurance company so they can open a case record. In case of not doing so, within the time required by the company, they could deny the reimbursement of medical emergency expenses.

Emergency in business trip

If your client has an emergency during a business trip, and a surrogate is required at the destination, usually an air ticket is provided. It is acquired through the same company and depends on the space availability of flights.

Likewise, depending on the travel assistance contracted, and the maximum limits of coverage, usually in the annual policies for multiple trips used by business travelers, other compensations can be added. This will depend, mainly, on how personalized the contracted assistance is. In other words, if it is an exclusive assistance for business trips, the coverage will be greater and more specific.

Having knowledge of how to proceed in case of emergency is essential. Having the necessary data, such as a telephone number of the travel assistance center, will be decisive to solve the problem in the best way.

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