Discover how travel insurance helps a traveler in the event of an accident.

During a trip we might encounter complex situations like a car accident. Cases like this require the maximum speed so that the victim can be attended as appropriate and thus avoid major complications.

Today, we tell you in detail a situation in Mexico City in which the traveler suffered a serious accident requiring exceptionally specialized care and emergency assistance to provide, not only peace of mind to the traveler and his family, but also quality health service.

Specialized health assistance during the trip

The assistance case we are presenting today took place as a result of a work trip carried out by a person from a country in Eastern Europe bound for Mexico City. In this country the traveler suffered a serious car accident in which he was run over.

The person responsible flee, leaving the victim not only in a situation of total helplessness, but also in a physical and emotional state of complete bewilderment for being badly injured in a foreign country, and with a language that he did not handle.

The traveler was hospitalized urgently and surgically intervened repeatedly, due to the serious injuries received in the accident. As a partner in the travel insurance company, QTAssist followed the evolution of the patient through an on-site auditor, entering into direct contact with the doctors in charge of his recovery. After several weeks, when his status stopped being critical, we took care of managing along with his insurance, the transfer and later the medical transfer that would take him back to his home country.

This particular situation required a complete assistance in which several services were involved. In addition to diagnoses, treatments and comprehensive care during hospitalization, the appropiate transfer assistance was provided, which included local ambulatory transportation and air travel.

Situations as complex as this, which put the traveler's life at risk, demonstrate the importance of having a Travel Assistance or Travel Insurance coverage. The guaranteed medical and economic support is fundamental to travel with tranquility and security at any time and place.

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