Technological advances, such as the significant growth of biometric identification systems, innovative recreational spaces - that one could never imagine finding in an airport - and dining and shopping experiences powered by artificial intelligence, are the drivers of this transformation.

The Miami air terminal has been putting into operation the biometric identification system in a pioneering way. For this year, when it is operational at all boarding gates (more than 130), it will be the largest biometric technology in US airports. The system, already operating at several gates, allows departing passengers on international flights to board via photo: the image is used to confirm identity and travel clearance in a matter of seconds.

In Europe, facial identification is also gaining ground. According to the European Union disposition, all airports belonging to the Schengen area must have a biometric entry and exit system that registers non-European citizens who cross their external borders. The new system called Entry/Exit System (EES) was postponed a few months ago and still does not have a confirmed launch date, although it is estimated that it will be when the boreal summer of 2023 ends. It will replace the passports stamping when entering and leaving the community territory by using biometric technology for immigration control, as a prior step to a control by an agent.

This system will be the prelude to the implementation of the ETIAS (European Travel Information and Authorization System) that will be launched in November 2023, an entry authorization for travelers from countries that do not require a visa.

Pleasant waiting:

Changi, in Singapore, is considered one of the best airports in the world. In fact, year after year, it usually integrates the top 3 in the Skytrax ranking, which chooses the best. Now revolutionize with an immersive AI-powered shopping experience. It is a Martell drinks shop, famous for its cognacs, with robot waiters and personalized tastings.

Singapore Airport has also just inaugurated a new climbing wall: the Climb@T3, an 8 meter high wall, spanning basements 2 and 3. Built by the official supplier for the 2020 and 2024 Olympic Games walls, its nine lanes are equipped with the latest technology and Self-belay systems, which allow family and friends to climb together, even if they don't know how to do it. Climbers can challenge themselves with more than 20 different climbing routes to choose from. In the future this will increase to around 30 routes, each ranging in difficulty from beginner to intermediate levels.

At the Perth airport, Australia, an immersive virtual reality escape room lasting between 30 and 45 minutes was inaugurated. Escape rooms are popular all over the world, and Perth Airport offers its visitors the chance to enjoy a unique and exciting experience before their trip.

Artificial intelligence with virtual services and chatbots to help passengers:

Istanbul iGA Airport was honored for its artificial intelligence and metaverse exploration efforts, aiming to transform the time spent at the airport, as it introduced a new service with augmented reality (AR) technology, which provides information about the airport's retail outlets by accompanying passengers on their route through the commercial area with a 3D virtual character, called CİGA.

Additionally, Incheon International Airport Corporation (IIAC) in South Korea was chosen for its development of the first virtual airport, using the global Roblox metaverse, designed to help passengers plan their travel post-COVID-19 and Stay informed about efficient check-in through smart check-in processes, including self-check-in, automatic bag drop, off-airport check-in, and OneID Smart Pass.

First level gastronomy:

Good gastronomy continues to grow in air terminals, with express versions of renowned restaurants and even proposals with Michelin stars. Many airports now have a variety of dining options including gourmet restaurants, wine bars, specialty cafeterias and internationally renowned chef establishments.

Airports around the world are working to enhance their culinary offerings and provide travelers with elite dining options.

Air terminals around the world continue to incorporate technology and offer entertainment options for the whole family, with the goal of making waiting time enjoyable.

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