Airlines are modernizing and creating trends to improve their passenger service

The only constant is change, and airlines are adapting to this, incorporating services and benefits for their passengers during the journey.

Therefore, the challenge is to reposition itself in a market in constant transformation, where the decrease in the circulation of people and the fall in tourism due to the Covid 19 pandemic, put most of the world's airlines in check.

Extra fun on board:

In order to provide memorable moments on board, a Colombian airline offers travelers new entertainment proposals on board.

  • Free access to a wide variety of digital magazines with different topics such as current affairs, culture, gastronomy, economy and technology.
  • Playlists on Spotify specially created by the airline to listen to music through the skies. The suggested playlists can be downloaded by travelers before their flight and listened to at 30,000 feet above sea level.

Drinks and meals with prior reservation:

United becomes the first and only airline in the United States to offer travelers a new option to choose their onboard menu, regardless of the cabin they are flying in. Either using its website or the mobile application, passengers will be able to reserve meals, snacks and drinks in advance of the travel date.

How does it work?

Five days before flight departure, customers will see an option in the Trip details section, the ability to reserve food and beverages available for the flight. Also, passengers will receive an email notifying them when the pre-order is available.

In economy cabins, customers will be able to reserve snacks and beverages from the United Onboard Purchase Menu. To do this, they will be asked to enter their credit or debit card details, but will not be charged until the items are delivered on board.

In the premium cabins, travelers will be able to select their meal option, directly from the app or the website. Once the selection is made, they will receive a receipt by email.

On the other hand, customers who prefer to buy drinks, snacks or meals, while on board, will take advantage of the airline's contactless payment platform, which allows them to store the card information in a digital wallet in the United app or on the website, prior to flight departure.

Attention to passengers with special needs:

A Spanish company improves its care in the travel of people with special needs (physical and organic disability) from the moment of booking.

Some of the improvements are:

  • Clear and simple information on procedures and regulations offered in the "Passengers with special needs" section
  • During the flight reservation, customers with any special need should always indicate the type of specific need, to request the appropriate assistance.
  • The online check-in service is now also available for passengers in need of wheelchair assistance to the plane seat.
  • The selection of seats for passengers with reduced mobility has been expanded, whenever the fare allows it, with the exception of the emergency exit rows. Following safety criteria.
  • The company is reinforcing the training and awareness of its employees regarding care for people with special needs.



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