Young people and travel: QTAssist as a tool to optimize the safety of the traveler

There is no age limit when traveling. Indeed, the desire to live new experiences through traveling is present in all kinds of people and ages, but it's even more present in young people, the so-called millennial generation and now slowly adding the Generation Z, young people born after 1994.

If any of your young clients is considering carrying out a trip, it is important to inform them of the medical assistance they will have, in complicated health situations. In this article, we will tell you everything about it.

Personalized attention throughout the trip

Through QTAssist, your young clients will be able to have assistance services, diagnostics and therapeutic treatments, after having overcome a certain urgency that could have happened during the trip. This will be implemented through: specialized outpatient care, including multidisciplinary medical practice in hospitals and various health centers; home visits; medical escorts; and local coordination.

Within this context, QTAssist will take charge of the corresponding treatment, hospitalization and / or medical appointments. Bearing in mind that these travelers like to visit places outside of the traditional tourist routes.

Legal assistance secured through QTAssist

Young people are always in movement. They usually do travel sketches with multiple destinations in short time periods. This constant dynamism exposes them to a greater number of potentially risky situations.

Therefore, in the event that they suffer some kind of unforeseen event in the country they visit and require, accordingly, legal advice, they can count on the support of QTAssist.

But what could these emergency cases be in particular?

  • Traffic accidents: if there is liability on the part of the insured client, legal assistance will be granted. In turn, QTAssist will be responsible for the realization of the relevant claims.
  • Criminal defense: cash in advance for bonds.
  • Burglaries.
  • Loss of passports or documentation, etc.

In summary, so that young people can plan and enjoy each of their travel adventures, with medical and legal security, we recommend that you analyze in detail, the specific plan that QTAssist can offer to your company.

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