¿Por qué contar con la participación de QTAssist en la organización de los servicios de logística y traslados?

The health complications that can occur during a trip are varied. And sometimes, logistical support and transfers are needed to solve them safely and quickly.

Within this context, it becomes essential to have an ally such as QTAssist, in the search and management of passengers, so that the patient is treated according to the need of his case. Therefore, in this article, we provide a detailed analysis of it.

Discover the QTAssist service in relation to logistics

From QTAssist, we can offer your customers the integral logistics service during the trip.

Specifically, we handle:

  • Ground transfers by ambulance (with or without medical personnel), air transfers, transfers in rental cars or taxis, etc.
  • Logistics of transfers from the accident or situation to the hospital / sanatorium.
  • Logistics from the hospital to the airport.
  • Logistics at the destination: an ambulance can wait for you to transfer you to the hospital or your home.

On the other hand, in the case that the patient needs a home companion until his improvement or transfer to his country of origin, we manage the search for trained personnel for his care.

At the same time, we deal with administrative procedures, related to the search and stay in a hotel, for the patient or family member. All this, depending on the specific characteristics of the patient's coverage.

What does QTA coverage involve in transfers?

If the patient needs an early return to the country of origin, they will be provided with the most comfortable means of transport that do not affect their recovery along the return trip.

The patient who needs a sanitary transfer will have the means to do it: in an ambulance or a large place on the plane, with the company of a nurse in flight, so that he or she can verify his health and keep the patient calm on his return.

In addition, before the death of the patient, the information required for the transfer will be monitored; and the funeral company will be hired. In effect, QTAsssist will take care of obtaining the documentation involved in the procedure. In turn, it will ensure that the funeral home manages the procedures related to the logistics of the airline.

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