¿Cuál es la ciudad más cara del mundo para trabajar?

The crisis of recent years has caused a 'ranking' usually led by commercially very important cities to be occupied by less well-known places.

Every year, the consulting firm Mercer publishes a 'ranking' that classifies the different cities of the world by their economic level in the face of foreign employees who travel to work. To create that list, they take New York City as a reference and, from there, analyze the expenses that employees would have on accommodation, transportation, food and entertainment.

Ashgabat, in Turkmenistan, is the most expensive city in the world for employees traveling to another country to work.

The reason?

It rises from second on the 2020 list to first this year. According to Mercer's reasons, it was due to the financial crisis that Turkmenistan has experienced in the last two years, which has caused hyperinflation, among other things due to food shortages.

Until now, cities such as Hong Kong, Tokyo, Zurich or Singapore dominated the top of the list, but the 2021 'ranking' has raised Ashgabat to the top.

The list is completed with the following 10 positions:

  1. Turkmenistán, Ashgabat
  2. Hong Kong, Hong Kong
  3. Beirut, Lebanon
  4. Tokio, Japan
  5. Zúrich, Switzerland
  6. Shanghái, China
  7. Singapore, Singapore
  8. Geneva, Switzerland
  9. Beijing, China
  10. Bern, Switzerland


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