What is the importance of doing medical check-ups before traveling?

Before making a trip, it is important to carry out medical studies to verify the state of health and avoid future problems. But what are the main and recommendable checks for the traveler? What elements are recommended to ask the family doctor before leaving for the destination country? What should be contemplated, if the traveler has a preexisting disease?

In this opportunity, from QTAssist, we will tell you everything about it.

Some general medical advice to keep in mind before traveling abroad

Beyond age, it is recommended that a general medical check-up be done before the trip (about 3 or 4 weeks before). In turn, receive the appropriate personalized advice. This, taking into account medical history (pregnancy, pre-existing diseases, etc.). On the other hand, if your cliente has been exposed to surgical procedures, it becomes essential to consult with a medical specialist to verify whether or not you are fit to travel.

Do not forget, also, to tell your clients that they ask the doctor for the vaccination plan according to their age and the country they visit. Finally, requesting a copy of your medical history can be an excellent tool for possible health problems abroad.

What happens in the case of travelers who have a chronic condition?

In effect, if any of your clients have pre-existing diseases, we advise you to consider the following:

  • Verify that the coverage accepted includes coverage for pre-existing diseases, since in most cases, they do not have it. Thus, a possible complication abroad will be avoided.
  • Conduct studies and discuss a health prevention plan with your doctor.
  • Carry the medication in its original containers.
  • Ask your doctor for prescribed prescriptions in case you lose or finish the one you have taken to administer during the trip.
  • Also ask for a medical certificate that certifies the pre-existing illness, for which you take the medication that is in your luggage. This way, it will avoid possible problems in the airports and will be able to present it before the corresponding airport security.

So you know everything you need in relation to medical check-ups. Finally, remember that the QTAssist service can provide medical security and personal and family tranquility during your trip to each of your clients.

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