Find out about the logistical support we offer to your expatriate clients, when it comes to solving problems to obtain special medications for prolonged treatments.

Provide your expatriate clients with the ease of continuing their extended treatment, wherever they are.

Whether it is a case of expatriate work or young people who choose other cities to study.

What happens if the medication to continue chronic treatment is difficult to obtain or is not available in the country where the patient is located?

We tell you the steps that QTAssist performs.

  1.  We get in touch with supplying institutions, such as pharmacies, drugstores and different drug importing companies.
  2. Quotations are requested to carry out a comparative analysis of the costs of each one of the purchase options for the drug in question.
  3. We agree with our client, the company that best fits the price. 
  4. We carry out the procedures for the patient to receive their medication via delivery or pick it up at the agreed place.

Delegating this survey work instead of comparison and execution to QTAssist will save your company time, resources and budget.

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Travel Insurance Companies
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