El rol de QTAssist en la obtención de medicinas para tratamientos crónicos

As an insurance and/or travel assistance company, you must surely invest time and money in solving various issues. This, from the perspective of satisfying the needs of all customers.

And the medicines for chronic medical treatments should not be the exception. Therefore, if as an organization, you are looking for a guaranteed service, in relation to the purchase of specific chronic medications, we will tell you in detail, what this logistic support consists of and how it will contribute to the provision of a better service.

Discover a possible situation where medicines for chronic treatment abroad may be needed

Although the possibilities are varied, in this analysis, the case of an expatriate patient, bearer of a chronic condition, who is an active member of a government institution will be considered as an object of study. When granting his new destination abroad, this type of patient needs to continue taking his medication continuously, in his new workplace. However, the medication to continue with medical treatment may not be easy to obtain, since it constitutes a special drug and is not available in pharmacies.

So ... what to do to solve this problem? Within this context, the importance of hiring a company that offers this service arises. In this way, those of your clients who are in these conditions will know what the best place is and how to get their medication and the tranquility associated with it.

Medicines for chronic treatments: some reasons to hire QTAssist

First, it should be noted that QTAssist collaborates by contacting institutions that provide medicines of this class. Among them, we can mention: pharmacies, drug stores and different companies that import medicines.

In effect, contributions are requested to carry out a comparative analysis of the costs of each purchase options of the drug in question. In addition, its acquisition is scheduled and subsequently, it is delivered to the patient at home.

In summary, by delegating this research work to QTAssist, you will save time and money as an insurance and travel assistance company. Do not hesitate to contact us and we will resolve each of your queries, through personalized assistance.

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