The QTAssist network of providers: what does it consist of?

Today, having the logistical support of a network of providers such as QTAssist can generate multiple benefits for your insurance and travel assistance company.

But what are the characteristics that differentiate it? What kind of complications could be resolved by your support? From the perspective of your company, what are the advantages of hiring? So that you can know the services of QTAssist in detail, throughout this analysis, we will try to answer each of these questions.

A conceptual approach to QTAssist services

QTAssist has a comprehensive network throughout the Americas, where it is possible to find different direct providers of medical and diagnostic services. These may be required, if necessary, and enable the rapid resolution of situations, which could occur at any time during a pleasure or business trip abroad.

What are the key points that can be resolved by QTAssist in a health contingency?

The specific functions of the integral QTAssist network in response to health contingencies are expressed below:

  • Direct contact with medical professionals who provide home and office care. This allows obtaining a more competitive rate.
  • QTA takes charge of billing, if necessary.
  • Wide capacity to operate without deposits on account. As a result, medical care and hospitalization charges are assumed on your behalf.

Benefits for insurers and travel assistance companies: what are they?

On the other hand, from your company, when hiring QTAssist services, you will have the following advantages:

  • Access to a medical assistance network throughout America
  • Capacity in the management of health and territorial system
  • Price Transparency
  • Experience in resolving medical claims
  • Immediate response times, depending on the medical case and geographic area
  • Permanent contact with the patient and the insurance company

In conclusion, the comprehensive network of QTAssist will optimize your company's work from an integral perspective. This, through an immediate service and always looking for your benefit, a reduction in costs and associated prices.

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