The importance that your client knows the tourist class syndrome

When trips are carried out over a long time, some health complications may arise. One of them is tourist class syndrome or deep vein thrombosis or DVT.

But, what is it about? What are its general and specific characteristics? What are your symptoms? How can it be avoided? Throughout this article, we will try to answer these questions and tell you all about it. In this way, you will know how to provide your clients with the best medical care abroad, in case you need it.

Tourist class syndrome: find out about deep vein thrombosis.

When traveling for a long time, during long trips, they begin to feel discomfort of different levels of severity. These disorders can be experienced during the trip, when landing or days later. It is what is known as tourist class syndrome.

The population that is most at risk of this tourist syndrome is made up of people with obesity, who have or have suffered from heart failure and those patients who take contraceptives or estrogens.

Symptoms include: pain of different intensity; swelling and reddened legs; and lung embolism, in the most severe cases. To be able to counteract this symptomatology, it is recommended to carry out some physical exercises, be they flexors and / or extenders of the feet, together with the circular movement of the ankles and fingers. And at the same time, get up every two hours approximately, in order to stretch the legs and promote blood circulation.Other actions to take into account are to ensure proper hydration and travel with comfortable clothing suitable for the occasion.

Tourist class syndrome: what is the medical care of QTAssist?

We know that as an insurance and/or travel assistance company, your mission is to provide security and confidence to all your clients when traveling abroad. And you can do it through the hiring of QTAssist services.

In effect, we guarantee to your clients: personalized and ambulatory medical assistance, with specialists from all disciplines; 24/7 call center; a wide network of hospitals and first-level clinics; together with logistic services for patient transfer, etc.

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