The importance of hiring comprehensive medical coverage when traveling abroad

When planning a trip, not only must the hotel be hired and transferred, but also have complete medical coverage in case of possible contingencies that may occur.

In fact, sometimes, it happens that travelers do not hire any service related to their health care or, on the contrary, they do, but this is reduced. Therefore, this time, from QTAssist, we will tell you what is the importance of having a comprehensive medical plan for the traveler.

What are the consequences of not having complete medical coverage for the traveler?

A considerable part of those people who travel abroad only have the travel insurance offered by one of their credit cards. However, in most cases, these plans exclusively cover very simple health contingencies. So what can happen to a traveler who does not hire global medical coverage?

  • In the event of possible accidents of different levels of severity, they will be exempt from coverage in an unknown destination country. That is to say, they will not have home medical visits, ambulatory medical assistance or clinic or even hospitalization.
  • Whether the passenger travels to a bordering country or with a greater distance and must return to their country of origin for health reasons, he will not be able to do so. This, with the exception that it has the necessary economic resources, which are extremely high.
  • If you lose your documentation or money, you will not have the necessary advice to neutralize the damage.

Comprehensive medical coverage for the traveler: some associated tips

If any of your clients are planning a trip abroad, we recommend that they advise you on how fundamental it is to have medical coverage. In this way, your health care will be guaranteed throughout the journey. This implies:

  • Be aware of the specific and not only general details of your coverage plan.
  • Do not hire coverage for being economical, but for being really complete and that safeguard your health.
  • Ask for the amounts with which the assistance company can respond. Legal or medical expenses abroad can be very high.

QTAssist services provide personalized medical attention, legal assistance, transfers, hospitalization and also provide advice regarding hotel and concierge issues in unforeseen situations during their stay in foreign countries.

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