The importance of accompanying a nurse in flight before a contingency during the trip

Many are the people who travel abroad and who are victims of some health condition and/or accident that forces them to return to their country of origin. In some cases, they need specialized medical accompaniment during the trip. Within this context, the importance of nurses in-flight emerges.

On this occasion, from QTAssist, we will inform you in detail about it.

Reasons to request assistance transfer with a nurse in flight

The reasons why medical accompaniment is needed during the transfer by air include accidents and serious health complications during the trip. It is important that your client be aware that most traveler medical assistance companies do not have emergency transfer coverage due to preexisting illness. For this reason, if you have a chronic condition, it is essential to consult a medical professional to assess whether or not you are fit to travel. If you can do so, it is advisable to set a plan for possible contingencies.

What is the task performed by nurses in flight?

Basically, the nurses in flight are responsible for ensuring the patient's health throughout the trip back to their country of origin. It includes monitoring your health parameters (such as blood pressure), as well as providing hygiene and comfort. Also, the application of injectables is highlighted, in case it is indicated by a doctor and the corresponding cures.

Nursing assistants in flight: what is the role of QTAssist?

In the event of a medical emergency, which requires an indispensable medical accompaniment, QTAssist will offer each of its clients a logistic service, in relation to the management of a nurse in flight for their return trip to their country of origin.

We have within the regional network of service providers, the best-specialized transport companies. These adequately apply the local protocols inherent to the transfer of patients. These services are obtained according to the medical coverage contracted.

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