Those who want to enter for the day must take a turn and pay an entry. The objective is to take care of the historical and cultural heritage that can often be damaged by the excessive visitors.

Venice, Italy:

The city of Venice - which before the pandemic registered high levels of tourist overcrowding - forced the authorities to propose a system of reservations and rates to control the excessive travelers entry, due to the delicate infrastructure of the place. As of January 16th, 2023, each person wanting to enter Venice have to make an advance reservation through a website. After its processing, a QR code is generated to be scanned at the main entrances of the city.

Those who want to travel to the city during the day will have to pay between 3 and 10 euros. The amount will depend on how busy the destination is on the day of the visit. Tourists who spend one or more nights in Venice are exempt from paying because they already pay a tourist tax. In this way, it is sought that only enter a maximum of 40 to 45 thousand visitors per day. Before the pandemic, up to 80,000 tourists were registered per day.

Valencia, Spain:

This year, the Spanish city of Valencia could charge a tourist tax for travelers who want to visit this place and stay in the region. The tax will be collected to support local tourism development in the area, a measure that you should consider in advance, so that you are not taken by surprise and prepare everything so that the trip goes as expected, and you enjoy all the wonderful sites in this territory.


It has been the most recent tourist destination incorporating this tax. Its value will be approximately 9 euros and it would begin to be applied in June 2023. The traveler will pay it when booking the plane tickets, already included in the price. This tax was announced by the government and will serve to cover the medical expenses that tourists incur when visiting this destination, a measure that will help in this area that is so essential for visitors who suffer a mishap on their journeys while touring the best attractions of this nation, so unique and full of charms.


It is being studying the application of a tourist tax to curb the massive arrivals of travelers to the country. This was confirmed by the Finance Ministry, from where they clarified that the measure would come into force in 2024. Specifically, the Lofoten islands (in the north of the country) and Bergen (known as "the gateway to the fjords") are some of the destinations that receive the most cruise ships and tourist groups, so they would be the first recipients of this new measure.

Despite the fact that tourism is one of the main economic engines of a large number of countries, the excess of visitors is becoming a problem for certain destinations. Among the main consequences of overtourism, are environmental degradation, the increase in living costs and the cultural impoverishment of destinations that suffer from it.

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