Some advantages associated with hiring QTAssist and its concierge service and hotel reservation

Through the comprehensive QTAssist network, from your insurance and travel assistance company, you can take advantage of the hotel concierge and reservation service.

But in what situations could it be useful? And what are the benefits for your company? Because having the support of a partner company is essential to provide an adequate service for its customers, this time, we will inform you in detail about this type of assistance for your business.

Implications of the QTA concierge service and hotel reservations: what are they?

From QTA, we have at your complete disposal a set of local and regional companies throughout the Americas, which specialize in travel concierge and hotel reservation. So you can learn more about this logistic support, here, we explain what its main functions are:

  • Making hotel reservations for policyholders, for reasons of convalescence.
  • Accommodation procedures for family members of the coverage holder during the period of convalescence.
  • Logistic management for returns in advance, to the owner's country of origin, due to serious disasters in their home.
  • Integral Travel Agency Service.
  • Advice regarding claims of air fare differences, as a result of a delay or early return.

How will your insurance company benefit from hiring the QTAssist hotel reservation and concierge services?

The advantages associated with travel concierge services and hotel reservations are varied. Next, they will be detailed for more information:

  • Obtaining a lower administrative cost for your company.
  • Reduction of work in the call center by hiring our service.
  • Greater customer satisfaction through a strategic alliance with your company.
  • Professionalism before administrative contingencies related to this type of procedures.
  • Immediacy in the attention of this type of requirements by its insured.
  • Communicational feedback with your client and with you regarding this kind of tasks.

In conclusion, the hotel concierge and reservation service is another reason to hire the comprehensive QTAssist network, as it will improve its coverage globally and from an economic and quality perspective.

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