Desde julio, las Islas Galápagos también reactivan las visitas

The Ecuadorian archipelago adjusts its security protocols. It already receives local tourists, and from July 1 it will receive international tourists.

The Galapagos Islands, the most tourist destination in Ecuador, began to enable tourism, in line with what is happening in different parts of the world after the relaxation of the restrictions imposed in the context of the coronavirus pandemic.

Ecuador owns the best beaches in the world

These days, the inhabitants of the islands begin to access some protected areas of the Galapagos National Park, which defined a protocol to regulate visits. In this first phase, you can enter Tortuga Bay and Playa El Garrapatero (on Santa Cruz Island) and La Lobería (on San Cristóbal Island and Floreana Island).

On the other hand, the return of travel from the continent is enabled from July 1 and with new control rules, as announced by Twitter the country's vice president, Otto Sonnenholzner.

"In the Galapagos Islands, the health emergency has been adequately managed and we are working with local authorities so that from July 1 this tourist destination will reopen its doors with new control regulations," reported Ecuador Vice President Otto Sonnenholzner. It is worth clarifying that the tourist activity represents 75% of the economic income of the archipelago.

In the framework of the pandemic

The Galapagos Islands, located a thousand kilometers off the coast of Ecuador, have been in quarantine since mid-March. In a population of approximately 25 thousand inhabitants, they registered only 76 cases of coronavirus, among which there was one deceased.

In this framework, to minimize the risk of contagion, the Galapagos National Park established that all visitors who want to know this protected area must necessarily wear their own protective elements: chinstrap and gel alcohol.

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