QTAssist Dental Assistance: what is it?

During a trip, all kinds of health eventualities may occur. And dental emergencies are not the exception. Therefore, if any of your clients is scheduling a trip, it is essential that you are prepared and covered from a dental perspective.

Today, in this article of QTAssist, we will tell you what these urgencies are, together with some practical advice to avoid complications.

What dental emergencies can occur during a trip?

Emergencies are varied and can happen accidentally, due to the absence of adequate dental treatment or a bad procedure. In fact, the most common urgencies are the following:

  • Toothache from caries.
  • Loss of teeth due to trauma.
  • Partial tooth fracture.
  • Loosening of dental pieces.
  • Abscesses: infection with pus, caused by decay or by the presence of a broken or chipped tooth.
  • Wounds from orthodontics.

Dental precautions to consider before the trip

We advise that the following actions be taken into account. Thus, possible complications during the stay abroad will be avoided:

  • Most travel companies do not include aesthetic emergencies in their medical coverage. It is important not to perform interventions that later require these treatments.
  • Finish the dental treatments (for example, endodontic treatments) well in advance of the beginning of the trip, to avoid inconveniences.
  • The companies do not cover pre-existing diseases. If you have a chronic dental disease, it is convenient to establish an action plan for possible contingencies.
  • If tooth extractions are performed, it is essential to practice the precautions prescribed by the doctor. It must be verified that it has been carried out in its entirety. There should be no remains of the tooth root and this must have been adequately healed.

The role of QTAssist during a dental emergency throughout the trip

QTAssist works with a network of providers throughout the Americas and is responsible for making contact between the traveler and the corresponding health care entities. Therefore, if any of your clients have a dental emergency, we will send you a dentist or we will indicate the location of the medical institution closest to the place where your client is. Also, in the event that a radiological study has to be carried out, we will advise you to go to an available medical center. This, always depending on their coverage.

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