Provide medical attention without transfers or waiting

A fast and reliable option to provide to your customers: Home health care service - House Call.

Our greatest value is helping our clients to take care of patients' health wherever they are with a service flat rate.


  1. Customer loyalty. With just one call to the contact center, the protocol that sends a doctor to the home or place where the patient is located is activated.
  2. The patient doesn´t need to move from home, avoiding wasting time and/or money looking for health care in hospitals or clinics.
  3. The doctor can prescribe and apply medications at home, avoiding unnecessary tests or procedures.
  4. Blood draws, X-rays, kinesiology sessions or home rehabilitation services can be performed.
  5. Health care is provided for adult and child patients. (A pediatrician or family doctor can be requested).

We provide agreed prices and low costs services, compared to care in a medical center.

We continue evolving with the intention of adapting to market needs, offering solutions to different companies and improving the experience of the beneficiary.

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Our services in the health industry and traveler assistance are specially oriented to the following groups of companies:

Travel Insurance Companies
& Travel Assistance Companies