Panamá City,  a commercial and tourist destination.

Panama City has become one of the most visited destinations by tourists who decide to travel for pleasure or business. Having health care coverage becomes essential to enjoy the stay safely.

Therefore, this time, from QTAssist, we will tell you the reasons to visit this country and the coverage we provide there.

Panama, a commercial and tourist destination to discover

Panama City is the capital of the Republic of Panama and is considered the largest city in the country and the most important in Central America. In addition, this city, determined by its beautiful cosmopolitan and colonial architecture, is located between the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean.

Among its major tourist attractions, we can mention: Panama la Vieja (founded in 1519); the Panama Canal (80 km long engineering work, opened in 1914 that links the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea); Contadora Island (which is part of the Pearl Islands); the islands of Bocas del Toro and San Blas; the beaches of Santa Catalina; the Coiba National Marine Park; the natural scenery of Boquete and the Azuero Peninsula.

If, on the other hand, Panama City is visited for business reasons, whether for project follow-up or business dealings, a tour of the city and shopping tourism can be made in the wide variety of available shopping commercials.

An approach to QTAssist coverage in Panama

Beyond the reasons for the trip or stay time is short, if one of your clients is planning a trip to Panama City, you can count on QTAssist coverage. But which are their implications? In this section, we will detail them:

  • HouseCall 24/7.
  • Ambulance transfer service.
  • Specialized diagnostic centers.
  • Agreement with high complexity hospitals.
  • Home medical assistance.
  • Consultations in clinics and medical specialty centers.

Finally, it is important to mention that in case you are visiting Panama City for tourist reasons, you can also count on our medical assistance and logistic assistance services. This, always depending on its geographical location and the nearby hospital facilities available.

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