Lucy nos cuenta porqué Praga es considerada la ciudad más hermosa del mundo

The best way to start my story is to tell you that Prague is a city that has a special charm, difficult to describe but very easy to live.

Also known as the City of a Hundred Towers or the Golden City, the capital rises majestically between historic buildings, elegant palaces, beautiful squares and many charming corners. It is a city that, due to its strategic position, has lived years of glory, but has also suffered years in which history has done nothing but punish it.

Arriving in Prague is transporting yourself to the Middle Ages, especially when walking through its wonderful historic center. And it is precisely there, where I decided to stay, since it is a strategic place that makes it easy to reach all the points of interest.

My first stop was the Old Town Square, considered one of the most beautiful squares in the world. This square, which has the statue of the local hero Juan Hus in the center, is surrounded by elegant stately and important houses and the City Hall of the Old City, its great jewel: a 60-meter-high Gothic tower that houses the impressive Clock on its façade. Astronomical.

A recommendation?

If you want to discover the city perfectly, the best thing to do is take the free tour that leaves every morning from the Old Town Square. More than 2 hours where the guides will accompany you telling you all the city history and its most important monuments. At the end of the visit, the traveler submits the tip they consider to the guide, which is usually proportional to the positive or negative assessment of the activity.

On my second day I wanted to visit its old Jewish Quarter: Josefov. It's a fairly small area, but it's home to a lot of community-related attractions, including six synagogues and other points of interest like the Old Jewish Cemetery.

I learned that the Altneuschul is considered the oldest synagogue in the world among those that have had religious use from its foundation to the present day.

The Old Jewish Cemetery in Prague was established in the mid-15th century and the clearest reference to its antiquity is found precisely in one of its tombs, that of the poet Avigdor Karo, who died in 1439.

In the afternoon I walked along the winding and elegant Karlova Street, full of cafes and shops, such as the spectacular Karlova Cristal - two floors of glassware, porcelain, jewelry and chandeliers from the best international manufacturers in Bohemia - which includes the glass factory , where I was able to witness the spectacle of the creation of blown glass.

After an exquisite coffee accompanied by the traditional Kolache, a bun filled with fruit and cheese, I went to the Charles Bridge, in the medieval style of the 14th century, and protected by 30 statues located on both sides. It is one of the busiest bridges in the entire city and it is recommended to see it during the day.

I said goodbye to this romantic city with a typical dinner: Česká Bramborová, considered the national soup, and made with carrots, potatoes and mushrooms; and the Spanělský Ptáček, meat rolls, almost always veal, stuffed with the most varied ingredients; and the inevitable drink par excellence, its Pilsner Urquell beer, which is the first pilsner-type beer in the world.

It is one of the most wonderful cities that I have visited, it is also not very big and you can get to know it very well in a short time. There is no doubt that it is a city that makes you fall in love, and a lot!

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