Let's celebrate World Tourism Day together

From QTAssist we want to celebrate this day with the commitment to continue providing the best travel assistance service. In this article we tell you about the various types of tourism, which adapt to the changing needs of travelers and market trends.

With which style of tourism do you feel most identified?

The style of tourism that you like, that is the right one, since there is no correct way to travel.

  • Traditional tourism When we think of summer vacations: the beach, the sun and relaxation at its best.
  • Cultural tourism Knowing the heritage of monumental cities is extremely enriching.
  • Rural tourism With the relaxing rhythm of country life, its customs and folklore; outside the big cities and preserve the cultural and natural heritage.
  • Gastronomic tourism and wine tourism Eat and drink to focus on trying the typical regional dishes and their best wines.
  • Adventure trip As its name implies, it is the greatest attraction for lovers of emotions and sports.
  • Wellness tourism For those who enjoy a good hotel with a spa, and health and beauty treatments.
  • Luxury tourism The luxury traveler seeks personalized experiences with the greatest possible comfort, regardless of the economy.
  • Sports tourism In this case, the trips are made to do a sport or to go to sporting events. It is one of the types of tourism that moves the most money in the world.
  • Religious tourism Experiencing the feeling of faith is what moves many to go to places like The Vatican, the most visited Christian temple in the world.

For their part, as world travel is resumed - after a 2-year pandemic in which the tourism sector was severely affected - tourists are considering new ways to travel or enjoy their vacations.

This crisis for the sector is also an unprecedented opportunity to transform the relationship of tourism with nature, the climate and the local economy. It is important that tourism becomes an area that’s resilient, competitive, efficient in the use of resources and respectful of the planet.

Thus, new forms of tourism emerge that are transforming the way of traveling.

Rewilding is a way to connect with the planet, it seeks to recover the characteristics of ecosystems through the active management of their environments and native species, accelerating natural restoration processes and even reversing the extinction of key species. Each trip with rewilding generates awareness, creating a social and economic movement in the localities.

Another modality is ecotourism, which seeks the balance of body, mind and spirit with the space that is visited. It is understood as a form of respectful tourism in nature based on the contemplation, observation and recognition of flora and fauna, ethnic groups, landscapes and the natural environment.

The same happens with “digital detoxification”, since many people are getting more and more tired of the constant connection through technologies and there is a growing trend of digital-free tourism where the enjoyment of forgetting what is happening in the virtual world is achieved.

Therefore, there are three axes on which the concept of sustainable tourism is based:

  1. environmental, with the proper use of natural resources
  2. sociocultural, which implies respect for the diversity of cultures
  3. economic, with the promotion of the development of the local economy

In fact, according to Booking.com, 53% of the international travel community admitted that, due to the coronavirus, they want to travel more sustainably. The tourist impact has been made aware, for example in Venice, where cruise ships will no longer be able to enter and where there will be a limited entry of daily tourists. This same report shows that 63% of travelers intend not to visit crowded tourist attractions and thus travel in a more respectful way with the environment.

It should be noted that the latest celebrations of World Tourism Day have focused precisely on sustainable tourism, with the slogan "Travel, enjoy, respect".

This year the slogan is "Tourism for Inclusive Growth" and its objective is to "restart tourism", that is, open the way for the sector to recover, generating growth and opportunities for all, after the effects caused by the pandemic of COVID-19.

The QTAssist team congratulates all travelers who travel the world, because traveling is the healthiest way to exercise your mind and spirit. Remember that the best trip is always the next.

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