Learn some tips for pregnant women when traveling

Are any of your clients pregnant and planning a trip? Do you want to know what are the main elements to be contemplated so that you have a safe trip with medical protection against contingencies?

If so, you cannot miss this QTAssist article. In this occasion, we will give you some advice, to inform in detail to all pregnant passengers, how to take preventive measures before traveling.

What is the importance of international medical insurance for pregnant women?

If the passenger is pregnant, for example, it´s an obligation to have medical insurance to enter Europe. This, in case that does not have the nationality of any of the countries of the continent. For this reason, the particular destination country must be analyzed.

On the other hand, it sometimes happens that travel assistance companies are not covered in all the countries to which they travel. In turn, it becomes essential to know until which month of pregnancy medical coverage will be available, since some companies exclusively cover medical expenses until the 24th week of gestation.

The fundamental thing to take into account health insurance for pregnant women is that they contemplate the basic medical aspects for a pregnant woman, such as emergency care and even childbirth if for some reason it occurred just during the trip. Since most insurance companies will only pay for medical expenses (medical tests and diagnostic studies, such as ultrasound scans, for example), which are the result of complications inherent to the current pregnancy.

Tips to consider, if the passenger is pregnant and will make a trip

Throughout this section, we will give you some practical recommendations to consider if a passenger is pregnant and is about to travel.

  • Make a medical consultation to have the corresponding authorization. Inform the doctor about the time of stay, destination country and the weeks you have the pregnancy. Some flight companies request the certificate to board the plane to all pregnant women or those who have a pregnancy with complications.
  • Verify that the lodging site is in perfect sanitary conditions and that there are no endemic diseases in the country visited.
  • You can travel pregnant until 30 weeks gestation. The requirements to board the plane will depend on each flight company.
  • Wear comfortable clothing and during transport in means of transport, place the seat belt above the hip and ensuring that it does not exert pressure on the belly.
  • Trips must last less than 6 hours.
  • During flights and transfers, it is advisable to walk for a period of 5 minutes, every 2 hours.

In summary, if any of your clients are pregnant, advise her in detail. Thus, you will be able to know which is the best coverage, so that your travel experience is positive, both for the future mother, as well as for the baby.

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