Learn about tourist trends in 2022

Tourism continues to recover steadily -after the pandemic- and it is also time to understand where it is going and how it affects people and the planet.

A clear example was given by the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) when choosing this year as the motto "Rethinking Tourism". Concept that, by itself, gives a lot to reflect on.

Europe and the Middle East lead the recovery

In the period from January to July 2022, Europe and the Middle East were the regions that had the fastest recovery, respectively 74% and 76% -according to 2019 parameters-. Europe welcomed almost three times as many international arrivals as in the first seven months of 2021 (+190%), with results driven by strong intra-regional demand and travel from the United States.

The region experienced particularly strong results in June and July, reflecting a busy summer period. Arrivals rose to close to 85% of 2019 levels in July. The removal of travel restrictions in a large number of destinations also boosted these results.

In the Middle East, international arrivals nearly quadrupled in January-July 2022. On a year-on-year basis, the Americas and Africa also posted strong growth in January-July 2022 over 2021, reaching 65% and 60% of 2019 levels respectively. In Asia and the Pacific, arrivals more than doubled in the first seven months of 2022.

Sustainability and ecofriendly services

A strong trend in tourism in 2022 has to do with the so-called “tourist awareness”. In other words, concern for health and the consequences of climate change continue to have an impact when choosing a holiday destination. The priority to favor national tourism, and boost the national economy, as well as the occupation in rural accommodation marked the trends in the summer period.

Today's travelers, especially the younger generations, prefer to invest their money in eco-friendly products and experiences. It could be said that green travel has become more than a trend and is now a consideration that is here to stay.

Along with concern for the impact of tourism on the environment, travelers are increasingly looking for personalized experiences, aspiring to a new concept of individualized tourism and looking for new and differentiated places. In other words, organize vacations with trips tailored to your needs. Another important change that is reflected in the sector is the reservations made more in advance. For today's tourist, last-minute reservations are no longer as attractive or relevant as they used to be. As the travel industry accelerates, consumers plan ahead to book before top-rated destinations sell out.

The World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC) forecasts that international tourism will return to pre-2019 levels by 2023, and estimates that nearly 126 million new jobs will be created in the sector over the next decade.

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