Guía informativa sobre los países del mundo y sus sistemas de salud

Investment in health varies according to each country. In accordance with the recommendations of the World Health Organization (WHO), it is necessary that States invest at least 6% of their GDP in the health area.

But which countries of the world invest more? What are the differences between them? Is there some kind of ranking of countries that positions health systems?

Information on the positioning of health systems in the world

From the data obtained by the study "Health Care Index", carried out by the CEOWorld Magazine, in the year 2019, a ranking of countries was established, in relation to the optimization of their health system. To carry it out, a sample of 89 countries was considered. Among the variables under analysis, the following stand out: the quality of medical care, infrastructure, human capital skills, the associated cost per person, the availability of medicines and training by each State. The following are the data inherent to the main countries in this list:

  • The first place is occupied by Taiwan, due to the level of quality associated with its health care.
  • Subsequently, there are: South Korea, Japan, Austria, Denmark, Thailand, Spain, France, Belgium and Australia.
  • China is positioned at No. 46, due to the precariousness of its health system and the poor health accessibility of its population.
  • The United States is ranked No. 30.
  • Argentina is first in Latin American positioning; and in the position Nº 27.
  • Then: in the position Nº 29, Mexico; No. 35, Colombia; No. 39, Uruguay; No. 44, Chile; No. 50, Costa Rica; No. 62, Peru; No. 63, Brazil; No. 64, Puerto Rico; No. 72, Dominican Republic.
  • In the last position, there is Venezuela.

As can be seen, there is a notable divergence in the positioning related to the health system of the most developed countries. This, in comparison with the less developed and Latin American. However, from WHO, it is believed that not always the deficiency of health systems is the result of the impoverishment of a country, but rather of the role that health policies have within the state framework.

It is important, then, to plan and implement from the State, health systems that are differentiated by efficiency and that optimize the life´s quality of the entire population.

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