How to protect a traveler in case of a Travel Medical Emergency

Many travelers mistakenly believe that their health insurance plan or the U.S. or other government will provide assistance in the event of a medical emergency.

Only travel assistance and insurance provides a comprehensive solution for handling travel medical emergencies, from food poisoning or heart attacks to injuries from falls and traffic accidents, including medical care, medical evacuation, and reimbursement for associated expenses.

So before a traveler starts a trip, there are 3 important things to do according to the UStiA (US Travel Insurance Association):

  • Do the homework. Know what the health insurance plan covers. Does it cover medical evacuation?
  • Purchase the travel insurance and assistance and know what the policy covers
  • Find out if the travel insurance and assistance policy covers pre-existing conditions

And then…when traveling, there are some “to do’s”:

  • Prepare a personal medical portfolio with the current health information
  • Carry a copy of the travel assistance company’s 24/7 hotline phone number (QTAssist)
  • Keep copies of all receipts in case there is a need to file a claim to the insurance company

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