Know the implications of coverage for expatriates

Nowadays, with the imminent advance of the globalization process, most multinational companies have headquarters around the world. For this reason, many collaborators and professionals from different organizational areas become expatriates.

Due to the rise of the internationalization of companies, many customers may need medical assistance during their time period of stay. It is important, then, to neutralize their doubts and inform them about the features of medical care in case they need it.

In this article, we'll tell you everything you need to know about it.

What does it mean to be an expatriate?

From an etymological perspective, "ex" means "outside" and “patria” means "homeland," "country." Indeed, an expatriate can be conceptualized as a person who temporarily or permanently reside in a different country from its legal origin.

Obligations of companies in relation to expatriates: which are them?

When the expatriation process occurs, the company that sends the worker to another country (which is not legally their own) must consider the following issues:

  • Legal regulations of the destination country: immigration policy; fiscal policy; employment contracts; social security; residence permits and work visas; travel assistance; laws that protect it and that address geographical mobility, etc.
  • Regulations of the company in which you will provide your labor services. It is usually a headquarters of the same company where you work in your country. However, legal frameworks may differ.
  • Analysis of expatriate labor contract: it is company’s responsibility that fosters the relocation, to ensure compliance with the rights and obligations set out in his employment contract.

QTAssist Coordination for expatriates: What is contemplated?

If any of your corporate clients sends their employees as expatriates abroad, you can offer them a full range of services for the owner and his family, in order to guarantee their medical safety and peace of mind during the duration of their stay abroad. This includes:

  • Appointments with clinicians
  • Derivations with different specialists
  • Coordination of clinical studies
  • Physical therapy coordination
  • Urgent care
  • Patient treatments Monitoring

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