European countries open their borders. What are the safest destinations to visit?

Many European countries are opening their borders and flights and hotels are also reopening. After weeks of confinement, many tourists are encouraged to travel to Europe, respecting security measures according to the countries and regions.

We have selected for some of the destinations least affected by Covid-19. These destinations have also implemented very specific protocols on hygiene in accommodation, restaurants, shops and measures such as changing air conditioning filters between each traveler's stay, availability of masks and social distancing.

The QTAssist comprehensive network has the logistical support of a network of care providers in different countries in Europe, according to the corresponding protocols of the health regulations of each country.

Georgia is one of the chosen ones, it is calculated that the number of coronavirus cases was 260 times less than in the European countries most affected by the pandemic. The country reacted quickly to the crisis and since July 1 it will open to certain nations, respecting strict health protocols. Tbilisi, the Georgian capital is impressive in spring and summer when nature wakes up and in winter with its thousands of light bulbs and Christmas decorations and markets. It is the ideal destination for lovers of culture, gastronomy, diversity and architecture.

Another safe destination to visit this boreal summer is Greece, which is already receiving international travelers. It registered 50 times fewer cases than the most affected countries, and also has more hospital beds per person than any other country on the continent, so its health system was not saturated at any time.

It will also be safe to go to Portugal, which had 40 times fewer coronavirus infections than most European destinations. The Azores and Madeira islands, as well as the Algarve, are some of the recommended points, with specific measures including tests to record the presence of the virus.

Croatia was also one of the countries least affected by the pandemic and has one of the highest numbers of hospital beds per capita. And closing the top five is Romania, with 15 times fewer cases of Covid-19 than the most punished destinations.

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