Discover how QTAssist coverage works with students

Within the universe of travelers, students occupy a transcendental role. In fact, millions of students travel around the world for academic and / or pleasure reasons.

Because of this, we want to offer you the services of QTAssist, as a partner of your company, that provides tranquility and security to all students when traveling. Therefore, in this analysis, we will provide you with an informative guide on the particularities of this special medical assistance.

Discover the characteristics of QTAssist medical coverage for students

During the course of an academic exchange abroad, health complications may occur that are not extremely serious, but that require a professional consultation. In that case, QTAssist provides the student with specific search services for medical assistance at the available times. This means that the student's agenda of commitments are taken into account so as not to affect their integral academic performance.

It is also about looking for health care sites that are close to your home, so you do not have to invest time in the transfer and in addition, many students do not have mobility. On the other hand, medical consultations and procedures can be carried out by the student through mobile devices and WhatsApp.

Other QTAssist services for students abroad

QTAssist can assist in the delivery of cash advances in case of an emergency, such as the loss or theft of credit cards. In addition, if you lose important documentation, you will be offered the corresponding advice, in relation to the procedures at the embassy or consulate of your country of origin, managing the consultations and procedures.

Finally, QTAssist offers traveling students personalized legal advice in those cases in which the insured is exposed to complicated situations, from the perspective of the legal framework of the country the person is visiting. Sometimes, it happens that, due to ignorance of the laws of the destination country, actions are committed that violate local legal parameters. As security, you have the legal support of QTAssist. This, always limited in the type of coverage the student has contracted.

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