Digital nomadic workers: which are the most chosen countries with work visas

Also known as e-Visas or Digital Nomad Visas are a new trend that allows the worker to reside in another country, while being employed for a foreign company or directing their own.

A few years ago, working from home was something that only a few could afford, but doing it while vacationing was inconceivable for the vast majority. Today that dream is possible. Remote Work Visas, also known as e-Visas or Digital Nomad Visas are the result of a new trend that allows the worker to reside in another country, generally a vacation paradise, while being employed by a foreign company or directing their own from a destination other than that of your tax registration.

A digital nomad is defined as a person who works from virtually anywhere, using information and communication technologies, under the guidelines of a nomadic life, that is, moving from one place to another without the ties of a traditional job.

As with most aspects of work and travel, the current situation has changed our lives in every way. Now, countries are launching "digital visas for nomads" in hopes of replacing tourists with remote workers.

What are the most popular destinations?

Caribbean paradises such as Anguilla, Barbados, Bahamas or Bermuda, as well as welcoming European destinations such as Estonia, Portugal or Norway adopted visa schemes for this type of adventurers in 2020 in order to reactivate their economy.


In Barbados for example, remote workers from anywhere in the world are allowed to move to the island for up to 12 months. Participants are not required to move their personal or business tax residence to Barbados, but must have an annual income of $ 50,000 and agree to purchase local health insurance. The same strengths such as climate, food, and beauty that have made Barbados a fantastic destination for tourism make it a great match for remote workers


For its part, Estonia is home to one of the most advanced digital governments in the world. The country's e-Residency program, launched in 2014, allows people from abroad to register their identity details, start business in the European Union and open bank accounts without having to visit them. There is a gap in the visa market, because nomads have been forced to exist in this legal gray zone between 'tourist' and 'worker' ”. Thanks to e-Residency that problem is solved with a legitimate route for freelancers to settle in Estonia.


This Caribbean country seeks to attract professionals (alone or with their family) to settle on the island, which is why they created the Residential Certificate or Work from Bermuda Certificate. The visa is active from August 1, 2020, it is for 1 year and allows people who can work remotely from Bermuda, either as Digital Nomads or Postsecondary Students and complete their Bermuda higher education.


The government of Greece also offers a special visa for digital nomads to help remote workers through this innovative new trend. Among the advantages of Greece are a strong currency, the euro and the security of the institutional framework of the EU.


Dubai also joins the list of destinations that offer visas for remote work. With this visa, remote workers can operate for companies around the world from Dubai. In addition, they may be accompanied and offer annual renewal.


In addition to the Portugal working holiday visa, this country also offers the possibility of obtaining a D2 Visa, which consists of a special program for self-employed workers that offers temporary residence.

Benefits that remote work offers

Either because of the beauty of its landscapes, or because of the benefits that remote work offers, the truth is that Visas for Digital Nomads are an ideal alternative for countries to generate income and for those interested who can work from home.

Of course, they will have to pay the cost, because in order to apply to these programs, fees ranging from 61 to 2,000 dollars are charged and annual income is requested from 18,000 to 100,000 dollars. It all depends on the destination and the budget.



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