Denmark: the first country in the world with digital passports against the coronavirus

The Danish authorities announced that in three or four months they will have a digital passport ready for those who have received the coronavirus vaccine in order to accelerate the reopening of the society.

“It will be an additional passport that one can have on their mobile phone and that will document that one has been vaccinated. It is about taking advantage of the digital advantages that we have as a country. We can be the first in the world to have it. Collaboration between the government, Danish industry and the Danish chamber of commerce to develop a technological solution for a new digital coronavirus passport will last between three and four months. Then it will be ready to begin a smooth and gradual reopening of the company, "Danish Finance Minister Morten Bødskov explained at a news conference.

The official warned that when the digital solution is ready, it will be necessary to discuss how to use the passport, which will also depend on the epidemic situation in the country.

Proof of having been vaccinated will appear on the Danish public health website or in a mobile app. This is the method by which the Danish citizens are already being informed about the results of their COVID-19 tests.

By the end of February, Danes will be able to find information about their vaccination on the web in case they have been inoculated in order to prove it. The Danish government hopes that the passport can be the first step towards returning to normality and helping to ease restrictions on public life. Recall that 3.24% of Danes over 18 have already received the first dose of the coronavirus vaccine, while 1.61% have already been inoculated with both.

For its part, the European Union has ruled out the implementation of the passport due to lack of consensus at the end of the summit of the Heads of State and Government of the European Union, held by videoconference.

The idea of ​​a COVID free passport raises legal and political doubts due to the possibility of limiting the rights of people who do not want or cannot be vaccinated, as explained during the EU summit.

For this reason, EU leaders limited themselves to accepting the creation of a European medical certificate to help health authorities study the evolution of the pandemic. In other words, the European Union will give the green light to a harmonized medical document, but not to a travel document.

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