Atreverse a recorrer el mundo sin compañía

Although we mostly share trips with our partner, a family member or a friend, more and more people are daring to travel alone. The key is to lose your fear and open your mind.

Solo traveler bookings have increased 7% in recent years: Why are they traveling alone?

Traveling without company brings a new dimension to our trips, spending a season with oneself, discovering another place at one's own pace, seeking calm, an idea, enjoyment, knowledge. These are the main reasons that lead to embarking on a trip to followers of this style.

Such is the growth of this type of tourism that travel agencies offer a wide range of destinations, packages and tours for this type of public, adapted to all tastes and pockets. And they assure that these trips are longer, with an average of 19 days. While those who travel as a family travel on average only 10 days.

So… dare to travel the world alone

One of the reasons individual trips are sought after is the desire for cultural immersion, visiting points of interest that gives unique experiences, such as participating in native ceremonies.

Another reason is to undertake a culinary orientation trip to different countries, where foodies seek to live unique experiences. Mostly chosen are France, Italy, Croatia, Peru or Portugal.

We also find the alternative of taking a wellness trip: as we deal with the overload and stress of our lives, these trips are aimed at yoga enthusiasts, meditation seekers and those looking to improve their self-care.

According to solo travel statistics, this happens:

  • 25% of all travelers are thinking about going solo next year.
  • There's been a 131% increase in the number of online Google searches for "solo travel" between 2016 and 2021.
  • One in six people (15%) have already gone on a vacation alone once.
  • Individual travelers make up 11% of the overall travel market.
  • There's been a 42% increase in bookings from solo travelers in the last two years.
  • 26% of solo travelers cited the reason for being alone and exploring new places.
  • 85% are looking to meet new people.

Why do women travel alone?

More and more women are leaving taboos behind and traveling alone. No more trips frustrated by not having company, traveling alone is a trend; and of course, it is empowering, exciting and challenging.

Statistics of solo female travelers:

  • The number of female travelers has increased by more than 230% in a decade.
  • More than 56 percent of women choose beach destinations
  • 46% of surveyed woman travel alone because they seek freedom, independence and the opportunity to do what they want when they want.
  • 22% travel alone because they were not willing to wait for others
  • 15% answered that they travel alone to challenge themselves and gain confidence.
  • 55% of all “solo travel” Google searches are now women, mostly millennials.

Travel alone but in a group:

Another constantly growing modality is group travel. Itineraries designed to make the most of time, share accommodation and meet new people.

That is why there are travel agencies designed specifically for this group of people: people who, for whatever reason, want to start their trip without the company of people they know, but want to enjoy the camaraderie, security, organization and convenience of traveling with others.

Some tips to take up this type of group adventure are:

  • Avoid the surcharge for traveling alone: ​​there is the option to share a room.
  • In most excursions the activities are classified according to the level of difficulty.
  • Ask about the average age of travelers and if they are mixed groups.
  • Consult about nights out, leisure activities and gastronomic experiences related to your tastes.
  • Find the balance between free time to do some activity on your own and time with the group.

Traveling is a real pleasure and, most of the time, it can be synonymous with renewal and inspiration. Making the decision to undertake a trip without companions is a unique opportunity, one of the most amazing and learning experiences you can live, and that will change you as a person.

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