COVID 19 ¿Cómo actúa QTAssist en la atención médica de pasajeros?

At QTAssist we have optimized the COVID-19 Traveler Assistance processes to provide a comprehensive service to our clients (insurance companies and traveler assistance) in the event that a passenger contracts the virus during a trip abroad.

Access to the most complete medical care from our global network of providers, to perform the COVID detection test or care for positive patients.

This program includes the following benefits:

  • Virtual, face-to-face or hospital medical care
  • Scheduling of sampling and testing in diagnostic centers and at home
  • Monitoring of quarantine periods according to the protocols of each country where the patient is.
  • In case of need for hospitalization, it is in charge of finding the nearest hospital center
  • Rescheduling of the test to deliver the negative result to the passenger so that they can return to their country of origin or continue their trip
  • Definitive medical discharge (medical certificate) as closure of the patient's care process

In the current context, we reinforce our commitment to provide the best personalized medical assistance services.

We are a great support for insurance and travel assistance companies since, after having assisted almost 600 covid patients during this period, we have effective processes and a methodology that responds to the required needs.

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Our services in the health industry and traveler assistance are specially oriented to the following groups of companies:

Travel Insurance Companies
& Travel Assistance Companies