Adult female travelers: a raising trend

When a professional maturity has been reached, and work and family commitments have decreased, older adults and especially women usually invest their time and money in leisure trips

Indeed, they can travel alone and / or in groups. The second option sometimes is the most common though.

At this occasion, from QTAssist, we will tell you everything you need to know, in case any of your clients decides to visit a foreign country.

The trend indicates an increasing travels of women over 50: associated risks

Generally, this type of traveler chooses adventure destinations. Among them, stand out: Machu Picchu in Peru; Costa Rica; Guatemala; etc. To visit countries where they can actively move is the dream to fulfill. Thus, they seek to enjoy this experience to the fullest, which may have been postponed for years by work and family commitments.

But what are the most common situations that these women are exposed to when traveling?

  • Height difficulties: Acute Mountain Sickness is an organic maladjustment in high altitude contexts. This includes hypoxia (lack of oxygen) and commonly appears, starting at 2500 meters. Although the symptoms disappear when the person descends, serious decompensation can occur throughout the process.
  • Problems related to falls: fractures, dislocations and sprains of different degrees can be mentioned.
  • Dysfunctions in blood pressure: the adult population is prone to suffer pressure complications (hypotension and hypertension).

QTAssist coverage as an alternative solution

When it is time to travel for one of your clients, it is important to inform them about the coverage that your insurance offers, and what benefits they obtain through QTAssist as a strategic partner in the coordination and monitoring of medical assistance. In effect, he will have:

  • Personal assistance: diagnosis, therapeutic treatment and specialized care, after the emergency has happened. Involves: multidisciplinary outpatient assistance; call center service; home medical visits; and local coordinators.
  • Transfers: in relation to outpatient and emergency care. QTAssist has agreements with ambulance companies, private transport, medical evacuation and flight nurses, as well as medical escorts.
  • Hospitalization:in hospitals and clinics specialized in medical and dental health.

As you can see, the coverage is broad. Thus, through QTAssist, this new generation of travelers will be able to realize their dream of traveling with confidence and security.

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