Accident amongst the waves: the importance of having travel insurance

Some setbacks when traveling are often unexpected and unavoidable. This is the case of accidents in the places of destination. Sometimes, certain situations result in damage to the traveler and that is when having the proper travel assistance is essential.

Today, we tell you in detail the case of a traveler from Australia bound for South America. During his tour of Ecuador and more precisely in Montañita, the traveler suffered an accident that, thanks to his Travel Assistance Insurance, was attended without additional expenses quickly and effectively.

Montañita is one of the most visited towns in Ecuador. Located 170 kilometers (105.633 miles) from Guayaquil, the largest city in the country, this place has become a real magnet for travelers seeking adventure between the sea and the beach.

And, without a doubt, one of the main attractions of Montañita is surfing. This is how the traveler, who stars this story, could not resist a dive in search of the best waves of this fishing village.

The least expected in these trips is, of course, to suffer an accident. However, the Australian traveler found himself in the middle of the sea with the mishap of suffering a sprain while practicing his favorite sport.

This situation, which could have become more complex and expensive in case of not having travel insurance, was attended step by step thanks to the fact that, as providers in the area, we coordinated the necessary primary care in the place and its subsequent transfer to a health center where specialists were in charge of examining and solving the patient's case, avoiding further damage and providing the necessary care.

The specialization, experience and ability to locally coordinate the necessary attention, made the traveler face this situation with the best medical / logistic support. All this was possible thanks to the precaution of early contracting a Traveler Assistance or Travel Insurance that covers high-risk sports practices.

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