Una escala, una experiencia: en estos aeropuertos la espera se convierte en diversión asegurada

In this article we show you which are the best airports for a long layover, where, as a traveler, you will have an unforgettable experience with incredible activities and functions to keep you busy.

In those airports the stopovers are no longer boring:

Airport Changi Airport - Singapore

It has several playgrounds for children, gardens of all kinds (covered and outdoors), a swimming pool, cinemas, a butterfly garden, rest and relaxation areas, machines that give foot massages, countless shops and food options for all tastes and pockets (including a food court), a supermarket, laundry, and even a 12-meter high slide. If the stopover time is 5 hours, the airport offers a free 2-hour City Tour for those who want to get to know the city.

Doha Hamad Airport - Qatar

The airport passenger services include ATMs, currency exchange, chapels, smoking rooms, free WIFI internet connection and internet kiosks, children's activity areas, restaurants, shops, art exhibitions, a spa and a gym.

Dubai International Airport (UAE)

If you are lucky enough to make a stopover at this airport, you can have a good time riding camels or taking a ride in their buggies. This airport is also the ideal shopping center for any shopaholic with some cash to spend, as you will find mainly expensive clothing and jewelry stores.

Vancouver International Airport (Canada)

Located in the heart of British Columbia, this place is perfect for aquarium and fish lovers. Rated one of the best airports in Canada, thanks to its beautiful internal décor and tall glass walls that expose the rich landscape. The marine life at the airport is home to more than 5,000 different animals with a separate jellyfish tank.

Hong Kong International Airport

Undoubtedly the most fun and exciting airport to be during a stopover, even if you are traveling with children. This high-tech airport has original mirrors that show the different colors and styles of clothing that will look good, so you don't have to try on before buying. The best feature? Disneyland is on the same island, a short train ride away. You can easily spend a good five hours here and time will fly by.

Amsterdam Airport Schiphol (Netherlands)

In addition to a generous supply of different sofas and chairs, the facility features a Dutch gallery and an indoor park with sounds of nature. If this isn't enough to relax you amid the chaos, you can help yourself with free cheese and stroopwafels.

John F. Kennedy International Airport (USA)

JFK has 7 different locations within the airport facilities that you can go to for a spa treatment. From manicures to massage therapies so you can spend your flight rested after a long layover. You can also enjoy a 63-foot-long infinity pool on the roof of the JFK hotel and it has a clear view of the runway with some comfortable seating that can hold almost 300 guests.

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