A QTAssist service: Hospital Centers Agreements around different countries in Central America

When is time to travel abroad, many are the elements to have in mind to guarantee the traveler’s safety. One of them is being able to get medical care in hospital centers or clinics to the country he’s visiting.

Today, QTAssist, will show you what are them and which are the associated advantages of this kind of agreements. This way you will be able to advise your clients in case they happen to need this assistance.

Medical aid in hospital centers: a conceptual approach

During a trip, whether its business and/or leisure, unforeseen health issues might pop up. In order to have a medical assistance, which provides security and confidence, against any health drawbacks that might happen, its important to learn the hospital centers in which to be taken care of.

There you will be able to have general medical assistance and odontology; as well as (in most cases) book an appointment. Also, depending on the case, it includes the diagnostics and proper medical approach.

What does it mean to have agreements with strategically located hospital centers?

To put it simply, this kind of centers can be defined as medical institutes, located on different countries of Central America (Panamá, Costa Rica, México, etc), that provides the traveler medical care. Among these, there are big hospitals, sanatoriums, ambulatory care clinics and smaller medical institutions, such as clinics.

In most cases, the patient is seen at the nearest and available center for their first attention; and then, it is derived, if necessary, to more specialized centers. Many hospitals have agreements with QTAssist, to provide health care and logistical support to patients. Below, we list an informative list about them:

  • Costa Rica: Hospital Metropolitan Hospital in all its offices (San José, Quepos, Tibas, Huacas -Guanacaste-); Cima Hospital (San José); San Joaquín Medical Center (Heredia); Hospital Clínica San Rafael Arcángel (Liberia); Paradise Medical Services (Playa Guiones). At the same time, assistance is provided in the following geographical areas: Tamarindo, Cocos Beach, Santa Teresa Beach, Monteverde, Alajuela, Limón, etc .; In addition to HouseCall services in San José and surroundings.
  • Panamá: Hospital San Fernando; Centro de Dermatología; Centro de Traumatología; Centro Médico en David; HouseCall en todo Panama City.
  • México: Hospital Dalinde; Hospital Amerimed; Hospitales Grupo Playamed; Hospital Multimedica; HMM Clínica Ambulatoria en Ciudad de México; Hospital Internacional de Cozumel; Hospital de Tulum; Clínica Hospital Angel del Mar. A su vez, están a disposición médicos, clínicas y especialistas en: Oaxaca, Puerto Escondido, Monterrey, Chiapas, Isla Holbox, Mérida, etc.

We advise you before any of your clients take a trip, know what health centers enjoying such benefits regarding medical care in the country of destination are.

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