Belgium allows "cuddle buddies" in confinement

Belgium’s Government grants a series of new measures so that its inhabitants face the second confinement as a result of COVID 19 as best as possible: the 'Knuffelcontact'. What does it consist of? Each citizen will be able to choose a person to continue seeing themselves during the quarantine, their 'cuddling partner'.

This new measure tries to avoid the psychological consequences that confinement can lead to during the second wave of coronavirus for people who live alone. The Prime Minister of Belgium, Alexander De Croo, has decided to impose the 'Knuffelcontact', which allows visits to the homes of one person per address and two in the case of single people.

"Each family member has the right to a 'pampering partner'. Families should only invite one of them home at a time. No other home visit can be received. There is an exception for those who live alone: ​​they can invite someone else besides their hugging contact, but not at the same time" De Croo announced.

Belgium: one of the countries in Europe with the worst contagion curve

This second wave of coronavirus is hitting European countries hard, which are seeing cases increase daily. At the end of last October, Belgium decreed a semi-confinement and stricter sanitary measures to try to contain the spread of the virus.

According to the Belgian Executive, it is a fundamental help to maintain the mental health of the inmates in this second period of confinement, which began on November 1 and will last until December 13.

The announcement of the Belgian Government has caused surprise in practically the whole world. But the truth is that it is similar to the case of the Netherlands last summer: the 'seksbuddy', which translates as 'housemate' and was someone with whom single confined people could have sex with.

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